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The Zing! Adhesion System
Zing Family of Products

Accept no substitutes.  Zing! cannot be out-done.


The difference between glue and Zing! is twofold, speed and bond. By using one of these Zing adhesives in combination with our exclusive Zing Primer you get the ultimate bond. So strong you can't tear it off without ruining your fletching.

Available in three blends, Zing! Adhesives create a durable bond that outlasts the competition.  Paired with Zing! primer, a quick and easy primer that eliminates the need to clean the vanes before fletching, Zing! adhesive system is the longest lasting and fastest on the market.  The Zing! system allows for quick initial set times and fast curing times.

Zing! Adhesion System

NEW! Zing! Kling
An ultra-durable blend, suitable for everyday applications.  Available in ½ oz. and 1 oz. sizes.

Zing! Premium Adhesive
An ultra-durable blend, suitable for everyday applications.  Available in ½ oz. and 1 oz. sizes.

Zing! HD
An extra strength cyanoacrylate adhesive, rubber toughened for extreme weather conditions.  Zing! HD creates a lasting bond that withstands extremes in temperature and humidity.  Available in .7oz bottles.

Zing! Primer
Simply the easiest and best primer available.  Zing! Primer eliminates the need to clean vanes before application. Available in ½ oz bottles with a convenient brush applicator inside pint cans and the NEW Primer Pen  / For use with all instant-set, cyanoacrylate adhesives

NEW! Zing! Remover
The best compound on the face of the Earth for removing Cyanoacrylate glue. Removes solvent based adhesives too

Flex-Bond Adhesive

A leader in the Fletching world for 30 years Flex-Bond creates a super strong and flexible bond for all weather conditions.  Works on all arrow shafts, vanes and feathers too.

All of our adhesives are well suited for gluing inserts.

Zing Adhesives

HD: Heavy Duty
Premium: 1 oz
Premium: 1/2 oz
Kling: Thick

Zing Primers

4 oz Primer Pump Primer 1/2 oz brush cap NEW Primer Pen .4 oz