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Target products for the discerning shooter

Manufactured to ensure stability in flight, Flex-Fletch target vanes provide improved grouping in competition and unmatched durability. 

Flex-Fletch vanes have been engineered to withstand punishment from the elements, as well as stand up to the rigors competition shooting.  Even on shoot-throughs, Flex-Fletch vanes retain their form.  In durability testing, Flex-Fletch outlasts the competition 4 to 1!

Flex-Fletch vanes are not only durable, but accurate.  Flex-Fletch vanes are designed with stability in mind.  They provide flexibility without the rubbery feel common to other vanes, dampening arrow oscillations and providing a true flight path to the target.  The unique resin compound in Flex-Fletch vanes eliminates vibration.  Our wind tunnel tested vanes withstood speeds of 282 fps with zero vibration.  No other vanes come close. 

Silent Knight crossbow vanes are a first of their kind.  They offer unprecedented accuracy and consistent, predictable grouping, while remaining durable, quiet, and fast in flight.

Flex-Fletch also offers adhesives that give archers a worry-free bond that reduces curing time and cuts incidence of re-fletching.  Zing! adhesive and primer provide a lasting bond that is easy to apply.  Flex-Bond glue adhesive, a bonding agent for vanes, nocks, and a variety of shafts, won’t gel or harden in the container like other brands, and is never brittle.  Better yet, it has an unlimited shelf life!

Pro-Nocks revolutionary snap-on design ensures perfect string fit that allows for nock-to-string contact throughout draw, power stoke, and let-down.

Ultra-Soft kisser buttons attach easily and are remarkably soft.  They can be attached over or under the nock a guarantee consistent releases.

Shurz-a-Peep sights come in different sizes for hunting and target applications that attach easily and consistently aligns perfectly with the eye.

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